Experienced In DWI/DUI Defense... For You!

When you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you may feel overwhelmed by the legal system. You need an experienced DWI/DUI defense attorney on your side, to help you understand your legal options and fight for your rights...and your freedom!

At John Eastland, Attorney at Law, P.C., we work exclusively in legal matters only related to DWI defense. By concentrating on this one type of case, we have developed a thorough understanding of the DWI/DUI law, the defense process and the strategies that can help you fight for your future and freedom.

Legal Strategies Tailored For You

When you come to us as a client, we want you to know that your case is as important to us as it is to you. Your story, your facts and circumstances of the arrest and your legal and life goals are exactly what are important to us.

From there, a strategy to help you meet those goals and protect your future from the long-term consequences of an arrest and conviction is our endeavor. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and frustrating. We don't want to see it crush and ruin your future.

"...mercy triumphs over judgement." The Book of James 2:13

Get Started Today

If the police have arrested you on suspicion of driving under the influence, it is crucial that you get started building your defense as soon as you can, even as early as the next day. What's more, it's important that you get the help of an experienced, exclusively DWI/DUI dedicated lawyer who knows how to work with cases just like yours.

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