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Guess what? It’s also against the law to be intoxicated while driving a boat! So, a weekend on the lake can turn into a nightmare if not careful.

While the ‘field sobriety tests’ are quite different, the premise remains the same. One cannot (should not) operate a boat while intoxicated. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department can stop a boat and check its occupants for occupancy limits or life preservers at a whim. If alcohol is suspected the situation changes drastically.

If available (convenient to the officer), you will be taken ashore and given the standard field sobriety test. Otherwise, the TPW officials will command you to board their craft and perform tests on the open water while the boat is rocking and yawing. That can accentuate the suspicion that you have lost your normal faculties. The ‘tests’ are ridiculous. There are hand claps, rocking and seated patting of your hands to determine if you are intoxicated or not. You may even be required to submit to a blood or breath test. If refused, a warrant will be obtained and forced to give blood.

The possible penalties are the same as a land-based DWI.

If you have further questions if you have been charged with a Boating While Intoxicated case please call me.

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