DWI In Texas

DWI In Texas

Protecting the Rights & Futures of Our Clients

From the moment you are arrested for DWI in Texas, you need to begin planning your legal defense. At John J. Eastland Attorney at Law, P.C., we know how devastating it can be to have your rights put on the line. Our Texas DWI lawyer can help you tell your side of the story and ensure you get the best possible outcome for your difficult situation.

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Possible DWI Defenses

While law enforcement and prosecutors may insist that you have no chance of obtaining reduced or dropped charges, our firm is confident in our ability to provide you with effective representation for your needs. There are many different reasons why the charges against you could be called into question.

These include:

  • No probable cause to pull you over
  • Improperly conducted field sobriety tests
  • Incorrect or inconclusive chemical tests

In any of these situations, it is important to get help from someone who knows the laws and how they can help you. Our firm maintains strong, effective relationships with many legal, medical, and chemical experts throughout the community to help build a strong case in your favor.

Reasonable Suspicion Is Mandatory

Some people think police officers can pull people over for any reason, and that group includes some police officers. However, it is important that they pull you over for a legitimate reason if they are to attempt a DWI arrest. Otherwise, the court may dismiss the charges.

Such reasons might include:

  • Speeding
  • Crossing the centerline
  • Driving too slowly
  • Other activities that would cause a reasonable officer to believe that the law has been violated

Even still, it may be possible that the arresting officer acted under a kind of prejudice.

Our firm can help you determine whether you may have been arrested due to:

  • Your ethnicity
  • Driving an older or beat-up car
  • Having a “rough” appearance

Field Sobriety Tests

You may have been subjected to a field sobriety test that you failed. While you may feel this is damning to your situation, the truth is many of these tests are ridden with methodological errors that can be highlighted to protect your innocence.

Our firm has built a reputation for giving our clients effective representation when law enforcement insists they are guilty. If your case goes to trial, we are prepared to show the court any mistakes made during your arrest.

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What Makes Attorney John Eastland Different?

  • Exclusive Focus on DWI
  • Practicing Criminal Law since 1985
  • Free In-Person Consultations
  • Weekend Appointments Available
  • Born & Raised in Texas
  • Genuine Concern For Clients
  • He is down to earth, direct, and honest.

    “I asked a friend for advice on picking a lawyer in the area to handle my case. He said ” Find one that will talk to you.” More than that though, John gave me some real clarity on the situation right ...”

    - Eric
  • Relentless, tenacious advocate for his clients in DUI cases

    “John Eastland has developed a reputation in East Texas for being a relentless, tenacious advocate for his clients in DUI cases. John once went to a hearing and announced that he had been hired to ...”

    - Earl
  • He is a good helpful person.

    “Very good lawyer, not very much communication but he is worth the money. If you have a case that you feel the need of a lawyer, contact John Eastland and he is promised to take care of all your ...”

    - Former Client
  • Beyond my expectations

    “John is very professional and very good at what he does. I have used him on two occasions and he has done a very good job and went beyond my expectations. He also takes the time to listen to you ...”

    - Taylor
  • He acted more like a friend to us than just our lawyer.

    “We went to John because he came highly recommended. We presented our case to him and he knew we had a fighting chance. He acted more like a friend to us than just our lawyer. We ended up going to ...”

    - Mike

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