DWI/DUI Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:They took my license! What can I do about that?

    A:They didn’t take your license…yet. They only took your card, BUT, your license WILL be suspended if you don’t do anything within 15 days of your arrest. Call me and I’ll explain all about it. Read more on my page for Driver's License.

  • Q:Should I do the DWI field sobriety tests?

    A:When you are being questioned a video is being recorded of you from the police vehicle. If you are in control of your balance it is a good practice to do the field sobriety test. They will show you have NOT lost your physical ability. The video will be the best evidence to support your defense in court!

  • Q:Should i give a breath or blood test?

    A:NO. – That’s all. – Just, ‘NO’!

  • Q:Isn’t a lawyer expensive?

    A:Today, maybe. But, for your future a good lawyer is your best insurance to keep your record clean! You don’t want a DWI conviction. It will be on your record FOREVER!

  • Q:The prosecutor offered me probation. I can do that. (can’t I?)

    A:Sure, but you will have to jump through a lot of hoops for many expensive months. PLUS, you will have a DWI conviction on your record for the rest of your life. The prosecutor with one hand shakes your hand while holding handcuffs with his other. Probation is not a ‘quick fix’. It is still a conviction which will stay on your record for the rest of your life, even if you take deferred adjudication probation. Remember, the Prosecutor is allowing you to plead GUILTY!

  • Q:When do I need to hire a lawyer?

    A:You need to start looking and interviewing the day you are bonded out of jail. Don’t think this thing will go away. It won’t. Don’t wait!

  • Q:Do I really need a lawyer for this?

    A:Simply, YES! You will need a lawyer who will care about you!

What Makes Attorney John Eastland Different?

  • Exclusive Focus on DWI
  • Practicing Criminal Law since 1985
  • Free In-Person Consultations
  • Weekend Appointments Available
  • Born & Raised in Texas
  • Genuine Concern For Clients
  • He is down to earth, direct, and honest.

    “I asked a friend for advice on picking a lawyer in the area to handle my case. He said ” Find one that will talk to you.” More than that though, John gave me some real clarity on the situation right ...”

    - Eric
  • Relentless, tenacious advocate for his clients in DUI cases

    “John Eastland has developed a reputation in East Texas for being a relentless, tenacious advocate for his clients in DUI cases. John once went to a hearing and announced that he had been hired to ...”

    - Earl
  • He is a good helpful person.

    “Very good lawyer, not very much communication but he is worth the money. If you have a case that you feel the need of a lawyer, contact John Eastland and he is promised to take care of all your ...”

    - Former Client
  • Beyond my expectations

    “John is very professional and very good at what he does. I have used him on two occasions and he has done a very good job and went beyond my expectations. He also takes the time to listen to you ...”

    - Taylor
  • He acted more like a friend to us than just our lawyer.

    “We went to John because he came highly recommended. We presented our case to him and he knew we had a fighting chance. He acted more like a friend to us than just our lawyer. We ended up going to ...”

    - Mike

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